8 Signs of Healthy Sperm and How to Maintain Them

Healthy Sperm

Are you planning to start a family? If yes, then you need to know that your sperm health plays a very important role here. But how can you say that your sperm is in top health? Whether you are planning to start a family or just curious about your reproductive health, understanding the signs of healthy sperm is really important. In this guide, you can check out major signs that indicate healthy sperm.

What is a Sperm?

Before you dive in the signs of a healthy sperm you need to know what is the role of sperm in conception. Sperm are actually specialized cells produced in the testers that play a crucial role in fertilization. During the intercourse, your sperm is ejaculated into the female reproductive tract where they need to navigate through different obstacles to reach the ovum. Once your sperm is successfully penetrated into the ovum and delivers the genetic material fertilization takes place initiating the process of embryo development. So you need to know that the health and quality of your sperm is really important for successful conception.

8 signs your sperm are swimming strong

High sperm count

Sperm count is the number of sperm present in a single ejaculate. You need to know that a healthy sperm count is generally considered to be in millions with higher counts increasing the likelihood of your successful fertilization.

Normal sperm motility

Sperm morality refers to the ability of your sperm to move and swim effectively. You need to know that mortality is very important for navigating through the female tract And it can easily reach the ovum for fertilization. Additionally sluggish or immotile sperm might have difficulty reaching the target in getting the chance of conception in females.

Normal sperm morphology

Sperm morphology is all about the size and shape of your sperm. If your sperm are healthy they might exhibit a uniform shape and size but if they’re having any abnormalities they might impact their ability to fertilize the egg.

Low fragmented DNA

DNA fragmentation in your spermĀ  happens when the genetic materials become fragmented or even damaged. Low levels of DNA fragmentation can indicate genetic material that is really important for successful embryo development or pregnancy

Balanced cement volume

Semen volume is all about the amount of fluid ejaculated during ejaculation. A balanced cement volume basically is all about a few millimeters and it is important for maintaining sufficient sperm concentration and providing a supportive environment for your sperm viability.

Normal semen PH.

You need to know that the semen ph is all about acidity or alkalinity of the semen. A slightly alkaline PH is optimum for your sperm motility and survival which ensures favorable conditions for fertilization in your female productive tract.

Low leukocytes

Leukocytes are also known as white blood cells and they might be present in your semen as a response to the infection or inflammation. Increased levels of leukocytes might indicate an underlying infection or inflammatory condition that can impact your sperm health.

Regular ejaculation

Regular ejaculation is around a few times a week and it is really important to maintain your sperm health. Frequent ejaculation helps you prevent the build up of stagnant sperm and also promotes the production of your fresh sperm.

So above all you need to know that in a journey towards parenthood these spermsĀ  are the unsung heroes essential for conception and the creation of new life. By understanding the signs of healthy common lifestyle changes to maintain optimum sperm health you can increase your chance of successful conception and achieve the dreams of starting a family. If you don’t know what are the signs of a healthy sperm then you don’t have to worry at all as you can always connect with experts at Embro Ram.

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