For Patients

Ram Prakash, The Renowned Embryologist, is the first and foremost name that you can try out while trying to conceive a child. Suffering from miscarriage or failing to conceive naturally can offer some major turmoil and our team of well-trained doctors understand that. Thanks to our years of working experience and proficient use of modern technologies, we are ready to help you explore all the IVF treatment plans possible, to help you turn your dream of parenthood into reality.

We are ready to help you explore various IVF and ICSI procedures, as done at our IVF labs. But that’s not all! You need someone to take care of your precious gametes for the right transfer when the time feels right. Well, that’s when you can count on us!

Happy to offer solid results:

For any embryology-related processes, our team of experienced embryologists are ready to help! We will provide you with detailed information regarding our well-trained embryologists so that you won’t remain in the dark. 

  • We are not just going to take care of the IVF-related procedures but will also take complete care of the lab quality.
  • Our team will always advise you to come and have a detailed chat with our well-trained embryologist to know the importance of an IVF treatment plan and how we can help you in becoming a mother!

Various forms of treatments available:

We, at the Embryology Centre, The Renowned Embryologist Dr Ram Prakash, have segmented our treatment plans under multiple heads, just to make it easier for the patients to get what they want. Some of the best treatment plans from our side are listed below for your reference.

Depending on the serious condition of the patients, we will provide detailed information and go through a thorough consultation period. We can further customise the treatment plan as per your needs. Therefore, we will recommend you not ask any other patient for the treatments and directly come in touch with our embryologists. 

Within your set rates:

No matter how tough your pregnancy journey might have been, we will take care of you every path of the way! And the best part is that you don’t have to invest a lot of money for that. We have made our services pretty affordable so that anyone can get the right treatment plan, without burning a hole in the pocket!