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Trying to get pregnant naturally is not as simple as it sounds. For some, it can be a blessing. And then for others, it can be a curse of infertility. If you have been one unfortunate victim of infertile patients, then looking for an IVF treatment plan is the sure-shot winning cycle. But, the entire IVF treatment plan consists of taking care of the eggs for later ovulation. That’s when you need us at Ram Prakash, The Renowned Embryologist by your side.

We will not just help you by maintaining the quality of the lab but will take care of the gametes on your behalf. We can further help in freezing up the eggs for future use. For that, various chemicals and scientific methods are used. Our team of well-trained and established embryologists are highly acquainted with the right steps to follow.

Covering various IVF treatment plans:

Even though the competition is tough, we at Ram Prakash’s the Embryology Centre, The Renowned Embryologist will offer you with the best embryology services under one roof.

  • Right from ICSI to Embryo biopsy, our doctors will cover all the needful examinations to take care of your fertilised eggs.
  • Our highly trained team shares a common commitment to handle the specimens with proper care. 
  • We know that these eggs are your precious assets and you need to take care of them anyhow. Well, allow us to do so.

The way we will be taking care of the gametes ensures that doctors can use these eggs for future reference. We will be using high-end and technologically advanced machines to store the eggs in a safe spot. Furthermore, our embryologists will take care of the lab so that no issue can ever take place, causing harm to the eggs.

We will be supporting our patients:

Being associated with the world of infertility for a long time, we know what you are looking for. Therefore, we have all the latest scientific advancements down the road. Just make sure to get along with the steps we follow and you will learn our working modules. We follow:

  • Embryo culture
  • Embryo grading
  • Embryo freezing
  • Embryo storage
  • Embryo warming
  • Laser-assisted hatching

In the end, we will not just take care of the eggs on your behalf but will help them to fertilise within a safe scientific environment. To learn more about our practices, give us a call or visit our website.