Can you get Pregnant with Chlamydia?


Chlamydia is a very common sexually transmitted disease. Both men and women can get infected by this. It can cause permanent damage to the reproductive system of women, which can make it difficult or impossible to get pregnant later. Chlamydia can also cause a potentially fatal ectopic pregnancy, which means that pregnancy occurs outside the womb.

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One can get chlamydia by having vaginal, anal, or oral sex with the person who has chlamydia. One can get infected with chlamydia if their sex partner does not ejaculate. In pregnancy, women with chlamydia can give the infection to their baby during childbirth.

Ways to reduce the risk of getting chlamydia

By avoiding vaginal, anal, or oral sex.

If you are sexually active, the following things can decrease your chances of getting chlamydia:

  • If you are in a long-term relationship with a partner who has been tested negative for chlamydia
  • Use condoms every time you are being intimate with your partner.

Who is at risk for chlamydia?

  • Sexually active people can get infected through vaginal, anal, or oral sex without a condom in case their partner is suffering from chlamydia.
  • Since chlamydia can spread through oral and anal sex, gay and bisexual men are also at risk.
  • If you are sexually active, have an honest and open talk with your healthcare provider and ask them if there is any need for you to get tested for chlamydia or other STDs.

Does chlamydia affect babies in pregnancy?

  • If a pregnant woman has chlamydia,then there are chances that she can give the infection to the baby during delivery. This can cause an eye infection or pneumonia in your baby. A person suffering from Chlamydia is more likely to deliver their baby early.
  • In cases of pregnancy, one should receive testing for chlamydia at the first prenatal visit. Talk to your healthcare provider about getting the correct examination, testing, and treatment, as these are the best ways to prevent health problems.

How does one get to know if they have chlamydia?

  • Mostly, Chlamydia has no symptoms, but even without symptoms, it can cause serious health problems. Symptoms may not appear until several weeks after having sex with a partner suffering from chlamydia.
  • Even in cases with no symptoms, the female reproductive system can be damaged by Chlamydia.

Women with symptoms may notice

  • An abnormal vaginal discharge
  • A burning sensation when peeing.

Symptoms in men can include

  • A discharge from their penis
  • A burning sensation when peeing
  • Pain and swelling in one or both testicles.

Both men and women can get infected by chlamydia in their rectum. This happens either by having receptive anal sex or by spreading from another infected site like the vagina. While these infections often cause no symptoms, they can cause

  • Rectal pain
  • Discharge
  • Bleeding


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